Axel Hauk is a product design student based in Cologne Germany, specialized in furniture & interior. Explorer of new forms resulting from their details.
As a person of Indonesian origin, design has fascinated him since he came to Germany. Especially since he has a different perspective on design due to his cultural past and the fact that Indonesia is one of the largest low-wage sectors in the world and one of the countries that exploit natural resources on a large scale.  That is why sustainability plays a big role in his design, but also in his way of life. Probably for this reason, as a passionate globetrotter, he tries to expand his  view of the world and keep himself open to other contexts.
Nominee of Pure Talents Contest, 2021
Winner of ein&zwanzig design competition, 2020
2017 - 2021, Product design student at FH Aachen
2012 - 2016, Design assistant qualification at RRS-Berufskolleg, Cologne
Apr.-Sept. 2019, Furniture designer at X_products, Krefeld
Aug.-Oct. 2014, Industrial designer at Manugoo, Solingen
Rhino, Solid Works, Keyshot