A natural system or systematic nature?
Seating landscapes for short breaks, between coming and leaving, between encounters and farewells. Regrow stands for slowing down in everyday life. Regrow’s materials and surfaces are inspired by the nature contrasting urban areas characterized by concrete and asphalt — a piece of nature that can join the spatial context: Thanks to its flexible modularity Regrow can be both on small and large spatial states.
The collection consists of seating elements that can be added with backrests and armrests. Side table addons in-between seats allow a 45° or 90° arrangement.

The aim of the circular economy is to strive for the longest possible use of products and materials. Materials and existing products should be kept in the production cycle for as long as possible (e.g. through recycling and repair) in order to avoid the resulting waste.
In this sense, the structure of Regrow consists mainly of solid wood: a renewable, biodegradable and recyclable material.
The connecting elements have been reduced to the bare essentials to ensure easy assembly and disassembly while keeping the CO2 footprint low.
Regrow fits into different room situations and is changeable due to its modularity. Sustainable reuse is therefore given with changing spaces.
Materials are consistently sorted according to type so that each part can be replaced individually.

Specifically, it is about the development of a seating system that promotes communication in rooms in order to make interpersonal meeting points more attractive again. The system can adapt to different spatial and usage situations and is able to be expanded or reduced as required. It is possible to put together systems from individual seating elements that can be positioned on the wall or freely in the room.​​​​​​​

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